Uruguayan wineries


Working on smaller scales produces better outcomes

Bouza winery is a family entrepreneur in which we work on a small scale producing high quality wines and where we have developed a cozy space so that after a guided tour trough the vineyards, you can enjoy an excellent wine.

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The largest winery in the eastern area of Uruguay

Brisas is the largest winery in the eastern area of Uruguay, with a total capacity of 5 million liters. Its 7,226 m2 building was built in Altos de José Ignacio, in an ideal location with state-of-the-art technology and a structure specially designed to reach maximum levels of efficiency.

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Wines born and raised in the Field of Uruguay.

Passion, countryside and tradition are the secret to the elaboration of our wines. The combination of history, soils and the climate of the Uruguayan Coast, make Carmelo a unique region for the production of Premium Wines. Our wines carry the best of the Uruguayan Field in each glass.

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More than 265 years of history in wines.

The Carrau family is part of a select group of families in the world who have dedicated themselves to cultivating a tradition that has transcended generations. Bodegas Carrau is a family business whose 9th and 10th generation pay homage to more than 265 years of history.

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Castillo Viejo

We are a family business with more than 100 years of life.

Coming from the bosom of an enterprising Basque family from the town of Hasparren, Don Santos Etcheverry, founder of Bodegas Castillo Viejo, sowed a philosophy of dedication and effort that continues today in the third and fourth generation, and is summarized in the simple but marked concept that defines us: to give our best.

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Cerro Chapeu

Minimal intervention viticulture in balance with the environment.

A family winery in a single biome. Our vineyards are located in the red, deep and sandy soils of Cerro Chapeu, north of Uruguay. The winery built within a hill relies on gravity to apply the minimum intervention vinification.

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De Lucca

Authentic expression of the vineyard

Family Boutique Winery that produces unique wines that identify with the terroir. Our goal is the production of wine with soul, that identify with the place where they come from, always respecting the ecosystem. Authentic wines

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Establecimiento Juanicó

We make wines capable of generating enjoyable, inspiring and surprising experiences

Establishment Juanicó is a winery that combines new process technologies, own elaboration protocols developed by an experienced oenological team and strict quality control. “From the winery, we accompany the challenges that the vineyard faces each day to deliver excellent grapes. Our goal is to achieve a perfect combination of terroir, technology and human capital. ”“ We interpret and accompany our consumers in their evolution, with wines capable of generating enjoyable, inspiring and surprising experiences. ”Fernando Deicas, President.

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Familia Deicas

Passion to develop micro terroires in Uruguay

In 2010, the Family Deicas, owners of the Juanicó Establishment, decided to separate the production of certain special wines to be produced in their Premium Family Deicas winery, in Progreso. The search for the perfect balance between Tradition and Innovation, the production in micro terroirs and small scale, taking care of the whole process under the supervision of Paul Hobbs, international consultant, results in the development of great wines where the three generations of the Family share The same passion.

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Familia Traversa

The largest wine producer in Uruguay.

This establishment with its large vineyard extensions and modern oenological technology is backed by the presence of the Traversa Family to obtain a high quality product. There are four generations that unite the Traversant Family with the lands where they work and still live next to the vine.

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Best winery in the new world.

Bodega Garzón is the largest Premium wine project in Uruguay. With 240 hectares of vineyards and more than 15 grape varieties, including Tannat and Albariño, Garzón is the first fully sustainable winery in Latin America. It was recently chosen as the New World Winery of the Year by Wine Enthusiast magazine.

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Giménez Méndez

The most awarded winery in the International Tannat World Contest.

GIMENEZ MENDEZ, is in the top exporter of Uruguayan fine wines, present in all continents. It offers an important range of varieties, as well as a wide spectrum of Tannats, both for on and off trade. Its Malbecs and Sauvignon Blanc also stand out for their rich varietal expression.

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H. Stagnari

The world's most awarded Tannat winery!

It is a family winery created with the concept of elaboration of wines of the highest quality, where the same owners are protagonists of the elaboration and commercialization of the wines and already two of their children accompany them in their work. It is a small cellar of GREAT wines!

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Since 1913, almost a magic conjunction that distinguish Carmelo City a privileged region that determins a unique Terroir for high quality wine production: Irurtia wines.

Irurtia winery is born with the arrival of Basque Don Lorenzo Irurtia to Carmelo, Uruguay during the second half of XIX Century. Innovator and visionary was Dante Irurtia in the sixties and seventies one of the pioneers in adopting technological changes in the import of French vines and the generation of new technology with the look on improving wine quality. His tireless encouragement and dedication allowed the International recognition that Irurtia Winery obtained in those years. The Irurtia fourth generation still established in Carmelo manages today the family business. Five siblings, sons and daughters of Dante Irurtia and Estela González take on the family legacy and the challenge of going along with their ancestors infinite road through the improvement of quality of their wines with the same passion and dedication of their elderly and the responsibility of maintain and increase the internacional recognition of Irurtia wines, Carmelo city and Uruguayan pride.

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We craft wines with four generations of tradition.

Eighty years ago, Bodega Marichal is our family dream, our way of life, our place in the world. Growers of everything we inherit by tradition, we add our generational technical commitment to produce high quality Uruguayan wines.

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Our wines are like us, passionate & full-bodied.

Small winery. Three brothers: Daniel, Eduardo & Gustavo Pisano. We are a Family of wine lovers. Wine is our life and passion. At family size winemaking, our philosophy is that our wine should reflect the people who make it as well as the soil and climate where grapes are grown.

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Pizzorno Family Estates

Tradition and earth conjugated in wine.

The fourth generation of the Pizzorno family continues a family legacy of love and respect for nature that began more than a century ago, without having lost a single element of that winemaking tradition. We have incorporated modern techniques of vine cultivation and winemaking, in order to maintain oenological excellence.

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Viña Edén

Our unique vineyards are located on the stony mountain ranges of Pueblo Eden

The mineral character of the soils and the oceanic influence, produce ideal conditions for the creation of unique style wines

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Viña Progreso

Experimental Winery

VIÑA PROGRESO is Gabriel's venture, it is an "Experimental Winery". Here he makes his own wines, with a personal, modern, fruity and young style, reflecting his conception of wines from Uruguay, specifically from the Progreso Region.